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Why do WLC?
Buildings are built to allow businesses to operate in a productive environment. Buildings are there essentially to keep the rain out and the users warm, to make profits for the business occupying it.
Using whole life costs allows you to save money for yourself and your clients by developing the most cost efficient buildings and facilities.
The benefits of whole life costing are significant for all concerned. Benefits include constructing a building that improves the occupiers business performance by designing from an asset performance requirement, improved accuracy of asset service life projections and aligning component selection with planned maintenance and renewal, and supply chain engagement. Whole life costing reduces overall project risks, and overall project cost.
The key benefit of whole life costing for suppliers, manufacturers and service providers is that as clients engage them for whole life costing information through the WLCF Online Comparator Tool, they are able to prove the appropriateness of their product, design or service for a given project. This is the ability to demonstrate value for money in terms of the client’s own criteria.
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